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ICO Review: UnikoinGold (UKG) - Decentralized eSports Betting Token

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Unikrn is a fully regulated and licensed eSports bookmaker with a wagering platform for eSports.

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What does the company/project do?

Unikrn is a gaming and eSports company based in Seattle that was established in November 2014. It is a fully-regulated and licensed eSports bookmaker with a wagering platform for eSports.

Unikrn created a token called “Unikoin” which gave users an opportunity to bet on eSports, ladder up and win prizes in markets where Unikrn was not yet licensed to conduct real-money wagering.

It should be noted that Unikrn will still continue their fiat betting operations after the introduction of UKG tokens in jurisdictions where this is legal.

What are the tokens used for and how can token holders make money?

Below are the main utilities that Unikrn is working to make available to UKG token holders:

- Placing bets for professional eSports matches on Unikrn’s sportsbook.
- Ability to play for UKG in competitive skill-based video game matches.
- Tournament hosting.
- Rewards for hosting skill-based gaming servers using Unikrn’s API.
- Wagering on spectator engagement applications.
- As UKG tokens are used to perform various actions on the platform, the more usage the Unikrn platform has, the more valuable UKG tokens should be.

It should be noted that 15% of total tokens are going to be used as Unikrn betting reserve. The reserve will act as a price stabilization tool. If UKG price increases rapidly, Unikrn can release more tokens to balance out the supply and demand, which would stabilize token prices.


- Very solid team with the co-founders having deep expertise in the gaming industry.
- Unikrn has already gone through the due diligence process of a number of investors and received their backing.
- Unlike most of the other eSports betting platforms, Unikrn’s betting platform is tightly integrated with the gaming experience. For example, you don’t need to go to a separate site to wager your bets. Betting and other interactions with the game all happen on the same place.
- Because of the above, Unikrn probably caters more to casual gamers / spectators. Not only can users win UKG tokens, they can also win in-game items such as skins, gaming gear, etc., increasing the use cases for UKG tokens.
- The eSports industry is growing rapidly and eSports wagering should follow suit. Unikrn stands to benefit from this trend.
- Unikrn’s target users (mostly young male) should be receptive to cryptocurrency and keen to try out UKG tokens.
- There are not many direct competitors to Unikrn in the blockchain space. Gimli is the only project that also focuses on eSports betting, but Unikrn is at a much more advanced stage.


- ICO participants represent 20% of total supply of tokens, meaning that the market cap on a fully diluted basis is $500 million if hard cap is reached. That is a very high valuation for an ICO project.
- Because of the growth in eSports, Unikrn faces stiff competition from both traditional online betting companies and startups focusing on eSports.
- Unikrn is probably going to have a hard time getting other third party betting operators to adopt UKG tokens.
Regulations would hinder the speed of Unikrn expanding from country to country.
- Unikrn will be releasing tokens that are in reserve in order to stabilize token price, which may limit the upside of the tokens.


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