GDPR Compliant

Online Gambling Reviews GDPR COMPLIANCE

As most of our website visitors are from the United States GDPR doesn’t really apply for them. However GDPR compliance is important for us so that the users who fall under GDPR jurisdiction can still use our website.

That being said our website does collect some information if you join our mailing list, also Online Gambling Reviews does use affiliate programs to earn revenue, so casino and gambling site links may be affiliate links so that we can earn revenue from the website. Users can assume that any registration or links for registration or joining programs are affiliate links. These go to third parties which you will have to read the faqs on to know what information is collected or tracked.

By using our website ( you are acknowledging that our site has informed you of any possible third parties and that you understand that by joining these programs you are doing so at your own will. We are not trying to trick or force anyone into joining anything without them being informed or understanding what our website is about or how our website earns revenue.

Current third party applications/plug-ins used by Online gambling Reviews are as follows:

AMP for WordPress – To read more information about this plug-in, what the plug-in is for and other information about the plug-in visit the plug-in page here: AMP for WordPress.

Contact Form 7 – Learn more about the plug-in here: Contact Form 7.

Ewww Image Optimizer – Learn more about the plug-in through this page which has more details: Ewww Image Optimizer

Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP – Learn more about this plugin by visiting the developer plug-in page here: Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

Pretty Links – The developer page can provide you with more information: Pretty Links

WP GDPR Compliance – Here’s the link to the developer’s for the plug-in page: WP GDPR Compliance

WP Statistics – To view information about this plug-in check out the developer’s page here: WP Statistics

WP Sweep – The developer’s page is at the following link if you want to read more information: WP Sweep

Yoast SEO – To view details for Yoast SEO check out the developer’s plug-in page here: Yoast SEO

If interested in reading more in-depth into our privacy policy you can refer to our privacy policy page.

We will update this GDPR Compliance with time to refer to each third party website we use, so you can see which third parties are used and then you can look into each third party or affiliate program so that you are more informed as to what information they collect or what their terms and conditions are.